Our Club History 1911 - To date

There was an existence prior the the year 1911 of a building and bowling green on the site where the present green and pavilion buildings now stand. In May 1911 The Ealing Consevative & Unionist Bowling Club came into being, This was formed by a band of tradesmen and others who frequented the Ealing Conservative & Unionist Club Limited, and formed themselves into a Bowling Club for the purpose of playing the game of Bowls and meeting socially.


The club premises and land were owned by the Ealing Conservative & Unionist Club Limited, and was a Club registered as an unicorporated Club under the Industrial & Provident Societies Act 1893. Many of the members of the Parent Club were also members of the Bowling Club.


The Officers of the Club at that time were:


President: The Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert Nield, K.C., M.P.

Chairman: G.G. Stricland Esq., Hon.

Treasurer: E.R. Hallet, Esq. Hon.

Secretary: W.J. Bridge, Esq.


The management office of the Parent Club and also that of the Bowling Club were situated at 151 Uxbridge Road, West Ealing in the county of Midddlesex.


In the year 1923 negotiations took place between the then members of the Ealing Conservative & Unionist Club Limited and the Ealing Consevative & Unionist Bowling Club, the former being the owners of the land, buildings and green, culminating in an agreement being made to whereby the Parent Club let to the Bowls Club the use of the Pavillion and use of the Bowls Green. This agreement was made and dated 28th September 1923 by Messrs. Willey, and others on behalf of the Bowls Club.


On the 20th January 1933 the bowls club was purchased by the trustees and the club came into being with appox 30 fulltime members. during the years various fund raising activities took place with Christmas the Derby draws, weekly pontoon, raffles and children parties were organised, in 1971 we celebrated our 60th Anninersary with a Reception and dinner party with local MP and this was recorded in the then Middlesex and County Times (later to become the Ealing Gazette).


In the following years the original building was demoslished and a new club house was built with the additional facilities we have now,


During the period of the clubs existence there have been many members, their wives, and others who have served the Club worthily and well. It should not be forgotten that the members of the Club to day, owe the Clubs existence to its members and helpers from the past.



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